About BeautyAfricana

About Beautyafricana


Connecting Africans across the Globe and promoting African Beauty, fashion and culture.

About Beautyafricana

Beautyafricana is a diverse Social Networking Community where beautiful Africans, models, model agencies, fashion designers, makeup artists, event planners and more, connect across the globe to promote African beauty, fashion, and culture.

Beautyafricana is for every African who's interested in promoting Africa through their look, profession and culture by looking for new opportunities to grow their careers and to connect with others.

As a Member, you can get access to a community. Beautyafricana helps you build community through free group video chat, live videos, video calls, voice calls, text messaging, and voice records with fellow entrepreneurs right on the platform.

You can also get access to perfect opportunities for your career because Beautyafricana gives you a profile where you can showcase your skills, businesses, and personal lifestyles which allow others to see what you offer.

Our Mission

To build a community for Africans where African beauty and culture can be promoted through entrepreneurship.